Double Kettlebell Exercises — Improve Your Health and Your Waistline This Year

It seems one of the weight loss trends this year is to focus on improving your health. In doctor-speak, that means getting your blood pressure down, improving your blood sugar, and dropping your cholesterol. These all indicate poor and declining health, usually a trend line for developing heart disease.

Kettlebell training is the perfect way to accomplish this task. The key to improving the aforementioned indicators is to burn off those stored fat calories and one of the best ways of doing that is through cardiovascular exercise. But not just any cardiovascular exercise will do.

The best is called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and it not only improves your blood profiles, but it will remove inches from your waist.

Now here’s the problem with traditional HIIT — your joints take a pounding because, as the name suggests, it requires that you perform it at a very high intensity, or effort level. Modern forms of aerobic equipment generally place undue stress on your joints and even muscles, which can lead to injury.

You know what I’m talking about, right — those aching knees from the stairclimber or that aching back from the stationary bike. Well imagine if you could still get a great workout — one that allowed you to improve your health and burn fat without the pounding on your joints.

That’s what makes a kettlebell the perfect tool for this job. Using it correctly provides the right kind of cardiovascular workout — HIIT — without placing undue stress on your joints and it simultaneously strengthens all the right muscle groups.

What are the right muscle groups?

One of the key muscle groups that is talked a lot about these days is your Core. It’s not just your abs, but also your butt, hamstrings, groin, and lower back. (There’s some other stuff in there too.) This whole area receives a lot of “attention” from kettlebell training, countering the devastating affects that sitting all day has on the body.

Kettlebell training makes your legs strong and springy, reducing the aching in your knees. It strengthens your lower back, making it less susceptible to those nagging aches, pains, and injuries, and making life easier to live. It allows you to workout in the comfort of your own home without the embarrassment of working out with strangers or the inconvenience of traveling to the gym.

But most importantly, consistent kettlebell workouts will improve your blood profiles, decrease your risk for heart disease, and in doing so, start burning off some of that unwanted fat on your waist.

Geoff Neupert has been an exercise professional for over 16 years. He helps people every day from all walks of life burn fat and get in the best shape of their lives using kettlebells. You can start getting in the best shape of your life, by accessing my following website.